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Kindergarten learners will have a smooth transition to the content-based curriculum.

Grade School

Grade School Students will experience an enhanced, context-based, and spiral progression learning curriculum.

About Us

Magnificat Academy is an educational institution catering to preschool and grade school students. It is located in Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

Magnificat adopts the progressive method of teaching of the University of the Philippines, Diliman- Child Development Center, particularly for our Preschool classes.

Our Grade School adopts Math, Science and English- intensive curriculum. With the high-quality of education that we instill in our students, most of our graduates pass the entrance exams and enter prestigious Science High Schools in the Region, such as Philippine Science High School, Angeles City Science High School, Claro M. Recto ICT High School, and ICT Sindalan High School.

Premier School Facilities

  • Spacious school grounds
  • Double-gated school compound
  • Exclusive playground and soccer field
  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Mini-library
  • Special miniature facilities for pre-school
  • Observation deck
  • Multiple wash areas and lavatories per classroom.
To see our facilities, you may visit the school by appointment. Contact the school admin for the schedule.

The reason behind why we chose “The Magnificat” as the name of the school

Quite a number of people have asked us about the reason behind why we chose “the Magnificat” as the name of the school.

If you remember your Bible stories, Mary visited her elder cousin Elizabeth who was already heavy with child. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s voice, the child inside her stirred as it heard the voice of the mother of our Savior. Elizabeth greeted Mary with the words: “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb” to which Mary answered: “my soul magnifies the Lord…” and gives us the wonderful prayer.

Mary’s response to Elizabeth greeting is also known as “The Magnificat.”

In our search for a proper name for the school, we took stock of the kind of education that we would want to impart on our students: We wanted the students to excel in their academics yet at the same time be humble and grounded. We wanted the children to be educated and not just to memorize the lecture for the day. We wanted the kids to be driven by their own curiosity and thirst for learning and not just sit blankly as the teacher spoon-feeds them their lessons. Most importantly, we wanted to teach the students good values, Christian values. That in every step and every moment, there is an opportunity to be good and do good… to magnify what God has given us.

We understand that as educators, we are there to guide and nurture and not impose nor demand. The toddler years are one of the most important developmental stages of a child and extra special attention and care should be given to them. Since not all children are the same, one cannot just come up with a standard method of teaching and expect the child to conform to it.

Thru the Progressive Method of teaching that our school espouses we tailor fit each worksheet according to the level of development of the student. The school and its staff make sure that in every step and every aspect of teaching, each moment must be taken as an opportunity to learn and discover something new.

Our teachers find the special talent of the child and cultivate it that it may blossom and grow. Like prisms that refract light to show the different colors of the rainbow, like mirrors that reflect an image a hundredfold, like a magnifying glass that magnifies an image a thousand-fold.

Over and above the excitement of educating the young, over and above our objective of producing students with advanced academic knowledge, over and above our goal of bringing the Manila standard of education to Pampanga, is our desire to instill in our students love of God, country and fellowmen.

So when it came down to choosing the name for the school “The Magnificat” won hands down.

School Updates

Our Goal

1. To develop the child in all aspects – physically, socially, morally, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually – so that he may be better prepared to adjust and cope with life situations within the context of his experiences.

2. To maximize the child’s potential through a variety of carefully selected and meaningful experiences considering his interest and capabilities.

3. To develop the child in all aspects and enable him to imbibe and actualize the MCDC core values, as he becomes a self-propelling, thinking and contributing individual able to make decisions which will prepare him for the more complex demands of actual life.

Core Values

1. Trust in the Lord with humility and gratefulness with Mama Mary as the model.

2. Respect for the person and social sensitivity.

3. Belief in oneself, self-motivation and responsibility.

4. Family-orientedness.

Our Location

MacArthur Highway, San Fernando, Pampanga Philipines